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IQ Prog Rock Band Live in 1983 (c) Mark Hughes

Collected Underground
The Free, Approved, IQ Live Recordings Site


There is no pre-requisite for membership other than giving us a short summary of who you are, where you live and how long you've been into IQ. Not only is this interesting for everyone else, but it also (thankfully, rarely) helps us weed out any nasty ebay traders (or similar) that any of us have dealt with before.

You don't need to have been following IQ for 10, 20, 40 years...
There is no hierarchy, no snobbery. You came here (hopefully) because you like IQ, and so do we.

How it works
Shows are added to an online Dropbox library to which you will be granted access. You will need a Dropbox account (basic account is free) and you will be given access to the Collected Underground folder., along with instructions on how to access it with a free Dropbox account.

The Shows

All shows are approved by Peter Nicholls. We have fantastic support from the band.

We are always happy to accept new shows - if you have something not listed on here then please email. (the full shows archive is extensive and Collected Underground is a small part of that, but new things do occasionally turn up!)


Your Email Address

By joining Collected Underground, you agree that your email address will be visible to other members of this group.    If you are not happy with this, please do not sign up

(you could always create a different email address to use with CU's Dropbox)

Sign up
To continue with an application :

Click the link below this section to send an email to ask for membership.

We request that all applicants tell us a little bit about themselves when applying. This just lets us identify who you are and helps us weed out any rogue ebay traders (or similar) and allows us to keep the group operating as freely as it does and with the continued cooperation of the band.

*Your full name*

*Where you are in the world*
*How you found out about the group*
*How you came to like the music of IQ and what you enjoy so much about the music*
You can tell us anything else you like, for example your first IQ concert (if you have been lucky enough to see the band live) or your favourite cheese ... basically anything that lets us know you a little better and something more than "Hello, can I join, my name is Ron Swanson" etc.

We'll aim to process your application within a week or so... all being well...but do remember the site is free and Malc's time, the hosting costs etc are all given for free

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